DDDecomposing the Monolith

This past September I had the opportunity to speak at the ExploreDDD conference in beautiful Denver, Colorado. If you’ve not attended the conference and have an interest in using Domain Driven Design (DDD) for architecting modern software systems, I highly recommend you check it out. The organizers do a fantastic job of attracting good speakers and keeping the atmosphere light throughout the conference.

The talk I presented is based on about a year’s worth of work attempting to implement a distributed Domain Driven Design microservice architecture as part of a “digital transformation” initiative within one of the largest technology companies in the world. Additionally, as I describe, the use case we were trying to solve involved uniting a product catalog between two major divisions with disparate systems and processes. We failed, but there are lots of good lessons that came out of the process. I hope that my experience will be of benefit to those who watch the video.

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